We would like to thank some of the companies that have collaborated with Tower Hamlets Friends and Neighbours over the last few weeks:

Credit Suisse

THFN was fortunate to spend it’s Away Day on 1st March at the Credit Suisse offices at Canary Wharf.

Thanks to Credit Suisse for facilitating a great day!


THFN is pleased to be continuing our partnership with GoodGym Tower Hamlets – we already have a number of coaches being visited by runners and look forward to many more joining them. If you like to run and want to befriend an older person or help a project in your community why not get involved at https://www.goodgym.org/

 Ready to ditch your phone and laptop for a day?

Join our #Unplugged Challenge and spend 24hrs without them!

Our goal is to raise awareness of the fact that lonely people can spend weeks without connecting with anyone.

We promise it will be rewarding! Find out how at https://localgiving.org/appeal/unplugged/

THFN Befriending Report

‘More than just tea and a chat’ Our report aims to raise awareness of how important befriending is as a preventive service, and everything it can encompass when provided the way we provide it. It also highlights the challenges befriending faces in these difficult times. The report can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here.

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