Our Core Values


Our vision is a society in which vulnerable and older people feel connected with and supported by their community


THFN exists to enhance the health and well-being of older socially isolated and vulnerable people through befriending, building connections, support, activities and advocacy


  • We will listen carefully to what others say and value their views even if we do not agree with them
  • We will treat everybody courteously and in a way which maintains their dignity and allows for differences.
  • We will keep our minds open and receptive to people of other cultures, beliefs or lifestyle choices


  • We will care about each other’s wellbeing
  • We will bring compassion and warmth to our relationships with clients and colleagues
  • We will welcome people from all backgrounds into our team and seek to ensure that our services are accessible to all who would benefit from them


  • We will act in a manner which builds trust with our clients and the community within which we work
  • We will be open and honest
  • We will honour our commitments
  • We will learn from experience and be prepared to admit to mistakes
  • We will maintain the confidentiality of matters relating to THFN, especially its clients


  • We will work together to achieve the highest levels of professional excellence
  • We will help and support each other
  • We will work with our clients to help them to define and achieve their goals
  • We will work collaboratively with our stakeholders