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What we do
— introducing our befriending service

At the heart of everything we do is our core befriending service – regular home visits and phone contact to provide practical and emotional support. This core service is supplemented by our additional services which are listed below.

All the befriending services which are provided by our staff and volunteers are FREE to the people who use them. If you would like to use our services or know someone who would, click here to download a referral form.

Core befriending service

  • Home visits and phone support

Additional services

  • Information provision and signposting
  • Support with accessing health and social care services
  • Advocacy and enabling of self advocacy
  • Consultation and involvement
  • Escorted one-to-one and group outings and events
  • Activities in the home

We do not provide respite care, personal care or specialised legal, financial or other advice